Hey Friends!

It’s been awhile! If you look around you’ll see Lauren Em got a bit of a face-lift! I also have a ton of new, great content coming your way very shortly! Life has been a whirlwind since I last posted in September of 2016! I last checked in while I was in London visiting my sisters who spent a semester studying abroad there.  For new readers, check out this post here for my travel blog about London!

Life Updates:

I met the love of my life.

life update

Dave and I were getting to know each other when I was in London.  When I got home, we went to a wedding together and the rest is history.  We both immediately knew we had found the one.  He is my best friend, soul mate and the most fun, adventurous (but also loves to wear sweatpants and binge Netflix with me) man.  He is a Sergeant in the Army and is stationed in TN.  We spent the first 8 months of our relationship long distance.  That brings me to Life Update #2.

life update

I’m linking this outfit here.  I linked similar tops because this one is from last summer.


I moved to Nashville, TN.

Living in Chicago for my entire life, this was a big one! However, Nashville is an amazing city!! I am so glad I took the plunge and decide to pack up and move.  I left a really great job in Chicago for an even more amazing one in Nashville.  The people here are so so friendly-southern hospitality is a real thing.  Dave and I spent a lot of the summer exploring and we continue to try new restaurants, meet new friends and grow here in our new city together.

life update

I got a new job.

And started going back to school.  With all of these (really exciting!) changes, there was just not enough time in the day for the blog.  I was getting frustrated not having content all the time to post and keeping up with this was simply too much with everything else going on.  I decided to take a hiatus, spend some time hanging out with Dave, exploring the new city, focusing on my new job and figuring out if I wanted to pick the blog back up again.  Dave was really the one that encouraged me to sit down, map out a plan and get back at it.  He really loved that I did something like this for myself when we met and encouraged me to continue to pursue my passions (heartwarming right??).

After such a long break, I realized I missed connected with you guys, sharing my passion for fashion and beauty and spending time each week making this little space my own.  So here it is! Bright new and shiny! With lots of new, affordable fashion coming your way!.  I’m also going to make beauty tutorials a regular thing-hoping something every week!

Please comment below and say hey! I love to know where my readers are from, what they love about the blog and if they ever want to chat! 🙂